Fresh Party - 100% pressed juice

Fresh party is a beverage that is pressed from fresh fruit grown at the foothills of Jeseníky mountains.

Fresh party is produced in the following flavours: pear, carrot, apple, strawberry, raspberry and seaberry.

Fresh party is

  • A 100% pressed juice of fruit and vegetables treated by pasteurization
  • Packaged in cups with drinking lid to prevent spillage
  • Full of vitamins and essential nutrients
  • A source of natural fibre
  • Without preservatives or chemical additives
  • Without added water
  • Support for our immune system


  • Fruit from our own orchards from the foothills of Jeseníky mountains is the basic raw material
  • The fruit is processed all year round
  • The cups accompanied with a drinking lid are filled hot
  • The product is pasteurized

Natural musts help to reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood, strengthen the immune system, balance the level of sugar in blood, promote good digestion, and regular consumption stabilizes the harmony of the whole body.